Day 1 

Arrive at airport at 10 a.m for pick up. Car ride towards the pacific ocean to a Mountain Villa  located in Guanacaste. Take time to settle and land. After recharging fill bellies with welcome dinner. Enjoy Sleep Nidra meditation before bed to encourage relaxation and rest. 

Day 2

Start day with morning meditation and yoga. Begin the journey of chakras and dive into the root and sacral chakras. Discover the beauty of the grounds and mid-day head to beach. Have free time to shop and get lunch. Later in day circle up reflecting on lower chakras.  End night with grounding meditation focusing on claiming your strength and support.

Day 3

Travel to Alajuela where we will land for the rest of the retreat at a beautiful house in the mountain hills. Settle in and enjoy free time to explore the property’s beautiful views, and gardens. Give back to body with hips & heart opening yoga flow. 

Day 4

Day begins with Yoga & meditation tapping into solar plexus or manipura. This chakra is associated with fire. We will connect to this element when we explore the Poas volcano. When we come back take time to restore and rest. Later in the evening discuss what you’d like to release and what you’d like to ignite. Opportunity to write down what we need to let go of and watch it burn away. (Either by fire place or fire pit) 

Day 5

Heart chakra & higher chakras exploration through meditation, chanting, and yoga flow. Give yourself plenty of space to be open to receive any messages or insights given during morning practice. Later in the day share and listen to what lessons we’ve learned and how we plan to move forward with this new found knowledge. Co-create family style dinner. Closing circle with special chakra attuning meditation. 


Day 6

Start with a balancing chakra meditation. Breakfast and farewells. Drop off to airport mid-day.

**Breakfast, most lunches and a welcome dinner are included. 


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