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Many of us have set goals that we hope to achieve this year. I have never been much for resolutions but this year I felt like I wanted to have a more conscious approach to ringing in the New Year. I didn't come up with a goal but I did come up something that I believe is more applicable. I let myself get clear on what are my core values. What is really important to me? What makes me feel alive?

What makes me feel alive? Intimate relationships, connecting in nature, learning and expanding my perspective, creative expression, teaching yoga & meditation, and community. The last thing that came up for me was community. The place where I feel the most connected to community is at Berkshire Yoga Dance & Fitness where I teach yoga & meditation. Being in a community of people who value health and wellness is something I've always wanted to be a part of. This experience has shown me the tip of the iceberg. I now have a sense of community, now its up to me to put the effort in for it to prosper and grow. People get so caught up in not having what they want. They forget to ask, how much effort am I offering up to what's important to me?

My goal isn't necessarily to create a supportive loving community, however I'm totally open to that idea. No, I just want to put energy into all my core values on a regular basis. This exercise showed me that I have many things in my life that make me feel fully alive and grateful to be here. It also showed me how much time I waste into things that have no positive benefit to me. By reflecting on my core values I was shown a glimmer of light. By following the light, I discovered on all things I wished had more time for are just waiting for me to just make them a priority. It is easy to get twisted and turned upside down with all life's responsibilities and social expectations.

I probably would have continued working at my job even though it isn't aligned with my core values. I had a title and was successful in my ventures but the universe has its own plan and now I find myself at a crossroads. I recently have lost my "secure" job. Since then I and have been waging war against feelings of anxiety, anger, and uneasiness. I understand that is part of the process. I've been letting myself feel, and release on my own time.

I've been in this situation before, the difference this time is I am committed to build a life around my core values. Before I dove head first into the best paying job and hoped for the best. Not ever reflecting on what was actually important to me. Not setting any boundaries, just being open to making money. This time I will draw a line in the sand. Money is an energy currency and I am only open to money that will allow my to support me enjoying my life.

I support you if you've come up with resolutions for the new year. I hope you are successful and reach the goals that you are striving for. With that being said this year I dare you, find out what moves you, and run in that direction. Eventually you will land where you want to be.

All my love,


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