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Yoga Instructor / Artist

Amanda Luna Living

Holistic Wellness




Re-discover Wholeness


Experience an intimate

1 on 1 tailored experience:

-Embody Your Essence 1-1 Mentoring

-Alchemy Yoga 


Rich variety of experiences, yoga, plant walks, herbalism classes and more! 





Thank you for taking the time to learn a little more about me.

I’m passionate about teaching and embodying how to live in right relation with Self, others, and the natural world. That means for many of us going into our shadows, acknowledging what is there, and discovering what is true for us now,  then re-programming our thoughts, words and actions. This is how we can truly become the architects for our lives. 


This has led my partner and I to co-create Ecomaste and teach holistic health offerings, workshops and retreats. Here we practice living sustainably and holistically. We do this through applying our experience and knowledge of permaculture, herbalism, and communing with our greatest teacher Mother Earth. 


I support people creating coherence in their lives as a whole. Beginning with teaching how to connect to Self. After you have established a healthy relationship with your Self then all other relationships will reflect this.  

I honor you and the path you are on. I look forward to connecting and supporting you on your incredible journey!

Much love and support, 

Amanda Luna 💜🌕

Background & Healing Offerings


Power of Intention

Goal Setting

Mind Mapping

Releasing past patterns


mind, body, spirit connection

Guided Meditation for:







Group & Private Movement arts:

Yoga fusion, Qi-gong, Dance, Emotional release


various breathing practices


Medicine making

Herbal immersion

Tropical plant walks & foraging

Reconnect to Nature

River Therapy- cold water baths

Grounding exercises

Bird watching & more


Guided Visualizations

Heart & Mind Coherence

Inner Child Workshop

Forgiveness Workshop

Chakra Healing

Sound Healing


Embody Your Elemental Essence:

5 Elements: Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal

Women’s Sovereignty :

Reclaim Your Sacred Sensuality 

Menstrual Magic

I study Biology and Psychology in Canada, and my life’s passion is botany. I’ve been travelling the world looking for a mentor and I finally found someone who’s knowledge invoques wonder and passion. I took Amanda’s Tropical Medicinal Plant Walk and I learned more in 2 hours, than in a month of academically researching South Costa Rica. Amanda is a devoted land steward, and it shows. She thoroughly understands the land and each plant in her garden from several points of view. She helped me refine my intuition as I connected with the plants in her garden, as well as build upon my knowledge and develop skills, recipes, and much more. We set an intention before our walk - so the foraging was focused on plants that could help relate plant knowledge with my intention. It was a dream come true for me, and I’m sure I will come back for more. The garden is vast and abundant, and there’s so much more to learn. I would highly recommend Ecomaste’s apprentice program. The stay is wonderful, you’ll wake up to the sound of water flowing and the birds. Followed by plant medicine, it’s heaven on Earth. 

Elizabeth Montoya Rivas 


“Amanda is amazing - you won't want to miss this class. She restores peace and a feeling of centering wellness!”
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