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My Story

Amanda Luna has a deep understanding and holds certifications in: Yoga, Herbalism, Permaculture, Energy healing, and Cyclical Living. Her life experiences taught her much about Psychology, she even studied it in college. Curiosity led her to wonder, why there is so much disorder in people's lives, and so much discontentment? She found herself in a similar space in her mid-twenties. After a series of fortunate/unfortunate events; quitting her job, breaking off a relationship, and getting seriously injured she thought to herself, "there has to be something more to life". The she began to journey back to Self. This path led her to meditation, yoga, and spending significant time in nature. She began to uncover the many layers of herself and started to get the answers she was seeking many years before while studying Psychology. Through these practices she found her intuition, energetic awareness, and that Nature is our ultimate teacher. There have been many lessons and teachings received during this journey but some are absolutely essential to living a fulfilled life. The first lesson is one of building an unconditionally loving relationship with Self. If you do this all other relationships with follow. The second keystone lesson is that you MUST know what you want and do that. If you don't you will end up living someone's life and full of regrets.


Amanda's offerings teach you the building blocks of living a healthy and empowered fulfilling existence starting with the foundations:




Energy awareness & healing

Herbal & Nutritional approaches to health

Cyclical Living


Then she goes deeper to support your transformation by providing specific programs for your individual desires/needs so you can be confident and grounded in choosing the actions you need to do to create a life of purpose and contentment.


“Don't be satisfied with stories, how things have gone with others. Unfold your own myth.”Rumi, The Essential Rumi 


Private & Group Offerings

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Vibrant Living: 

Women's circles


Herbal Immersion

Connect to your inner knowing, be nurtured, and grow in the vibrancy within and around.

“Amanda is amazing - you won't want to miss this class. She restores peace and a feeling of centering wellness!”

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