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Re-connect with Self
Personalized Private Retreats 


Re-discover your truth, love and power to be your own healer.

A magical transformational experience that will nourish your being

One on One

Receive intimate heart to heart connection and care. This retreat is catered to your needs and desires. The focus is on YOU without the distractions of energy outside of you. Transform with ease in a sacred container, while you go on a deep journey to decompress, re-center, and re-discover your true essence.


This is an opportunity for a group of friends, co-workers and family members who want to deepen their bond. You will connect to yourself, one another and nature in a completely different way. The retreat is curated to your groups unique needs; ecotourism, holistic health, ecological education, healing relationships. 


Every retreat has a mix of mind, body, and soul elements woven into your programming. The retreat will be co-created to accommodate you or your groups specific needs and wants. 



We source our food from our local Feria (farmer’s market) which provides us fresh and organic produce. We also harvest as much as we can from our gardens. You will experience delicious vegetarian nutritious meals breakfast, lunch and dinner. We can accommodate almost any diet.




We are nestled in the mountain side, right off the beaten path free from traffic, next to a beautiful pond, and are blessed to be neighboring many gorgeous waterfalls, a 2 minute walk from a river and 30 minutes from Pacific beaches and San Isidro (closest city).




  • Center & Reconnect to your true essence

  • Become your own healer

  • Find your authenticity 

  • Heal past wounds

  • Reset & Reprogram mind, body, and soul

  • Clarity & Confidence

  • Empowerment & Discernment 

  • Rediscover your inner child & play!

  • Being an exotic jungle setting

  • Relax & Revitalize

Current Retreats 2022-23

Feb/Mar in Nicaragua

Design your own retreat

Select an option

Thanks for your inquiry. I will respond to you as soon as I can.

Q & A

What to expect?

It’s best not to have expectation AND it’s nice to have an idea of where you’ll be landing. You will find yourself in a magical lush jungle setting in a beautiful and comfortable Lodge. We have 3 private rooms and 1 shared room. There is a terrace over looking the pond where you’ll see wildlife throughout the day. We are only a 2 minute walk to an amazing river. Leave your expectations, judgements, preconceived notions at the door and we promise you will have an incredible life changing experience!


Who is the retreat for?

Ready to be honest and let go of what doesn’t serve them. 

Love nature and are open to live in a simple, holistic way. 

Have a natural sense of curiosity and adventure. 

In need of reset and willing to do the work.

Want to reconnect to themselves, heal, and evolve. 

On the path to self-discovery and are not sure where to begin. 

Stuck and could use some guidance.

Want to be their highest expression!

Who it is NOT ?

for those who...

Avoid discomfort at all costs and play the victim.  

Aren’t open to change. 

Who aren’t willing to love themselves as they are. 

Need to control every detail.

Don’t like nature.

Expect 5 star luxurious accommodations.

Like to complain.

Not sure, questions?

If you are unclear about what you’d like to experience in your retreat let’s schedule 30 minute free Discovery Call 

Background & Healing Offerings


Guided Visualizations

Heart Awareness

Healing through the Elements

Chakra Healing

Self-love Rituals

Inner Child Workshop

Forgiveness Workshop

Moon Magic Workshop

Goddess Archetypes Workshop




Movement Arts: yoga, pilates, strength training

Herbalism Workshops


Sustainability practices 

Tantra/ Kundalini practices 

River Sound Bath healing





Compassionate Self-Inquiry:

Inner-standing Programming

Mind mapping

Goal Setting

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