One on One
5-8 day unique healing experience.


Immerse yourself in nature the healing oasis Costa Rica offers.

Many are searching for something outside of themselves to find clarity, healing and love. This retreat was created so that you can have the visceral experience of knowing that everything you’re searching for in actually within.


You will be fully supported in rediscovering all of yourself mind, body  and soul. This is an opportunity to be held, heard, seen  as you are in a presence of unconditional love. Every step of the way Amanda Luna will be there to guide you in rebuilding holistic loving relationship with your true SELF. 


The one on one attention, amazing natural setting, compassionate introspective techniques and so much more will leave you rooted unwavering transformation wherever you go. 


I am Medicine

Re-discover your truth, love and power to be your own healer.

I am Medicine is NOT a Plant Medicine Retreat

Plant medicine is a tool that many use to surrender the ego, and what you  identify as you. They’re a vehicle to accelerate peeling away our layers, but they aren’t the only way to arrive come to your true essence. 

Amanda uses various methods to guide you to be with what is in a safe container. Once you are able to allow what you’ve been suppressing to come forth it will move through you and de-solve as its ready without forcing it to happen. Together we will uncover the root of suffering and remedy with tools that support you re-programming patterns of dependence on anything outside of yourself. 

Unconditional Loving Presence

Amanda’s unconditional love and one on one attention will help you feel safe enough to fully take off your masks and rediscover how amazing you are. She will be your guide, friend, accountability, and grounding presence through your process every step of the way.

Rewrite your Story

This is an opportunity to honor your past, and let anything that needs to come to the surface to have the space to do so. Together we will dive deeply into past programming, stories and beliefs. Understanding what has caused you to think, speak, and behave in ways that cause you to suffer. Once finding inner-standing why these patterns exist we can recreate ones that are aligned who you are now. 

Farm to Table Food

We are so blessed to live in such abundance and have access to the freshest produce from our local market but also our own greenhouse and community greenhouse. All meals are made with love and as delicious as they are nutritious. 

Reset & Renewal

This experience will reset your mind, body, and spirit. You will leave the feeling lighter, with a sense of freedom, clarity, and empowerment. Taking with you many tools and practices that will support you on continuing to walk on your path in your truth and alignment.


True transformation can be very intense at times. That is why you will find spaciousness throughout the retreat to rest, reflect and integrate what you are processing. You will find plenty of areas to do just that in by the pond, river, green house, hammocks, day beds, and couches. Wherever you land you’ll feel at peace and a sense of home.

Sample Daily Flow

  • 7:00-7:30 Allow What is Meditation

  • 7:30-830 Opening Heart & Hips Yoga Flow

  • 8:30-9 Refresh in the River (Optional)

  • 9 am  Breakfast

  • 10:30-12 Workshop of your choice

  • 1 pm Lunch

  • 3-430 Workshop of your choice

  • 6pm Dinner

  • 7pm- Free time

  • 8pm- Restorative Yoga (Optional)

Healthy food
Healthy food
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Gardens at the lodge
Gardens at the lodge
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The mountain
The mountain

Sun sets as it colors the mountain

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Sunset beach
Sunset beach
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Design your I AM MEDICINE Path: 

Mind- Observe and respond.

*Guide Meditations

Compassionate Self-inquiry practices

Mind Mapping

*Inner-standing & Re-writing Programming

Goal Setting



Body- Love and honor.

* Yoga: (Kundalini, Hatha, Vinyasa, Restorative),


 Pilates, strength training

Healing with the Elements 

Herbalism Protocol

Digital Detox



Soul- Listen to your truth. 

Self-Love Rituals

River Sound bath Healing

Forgiveness Workshop

*Healing your Inner-child 

Heart-space Cacao Ceremony

Energy Clearing

Creative Arts; dance, art, music 

Moon Magic Rituals 

*Starred items are offerings that are included  into every

 I am medicine Retreat

Your retreat includes daily guided meditations, teas, fresh coco water and delicious treats. 

One day of retreat will be focused on PLAY. We will explore a gorgeous waterfall and beach. This is day to let your inner child do as they wish. 

Design your own
I am Medicine

Select an option

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Reconnect to Elements & Nature

The mornings you rise to the hum of the birds singing and the sun rising over an incredible Mountain View. Every night you will be lulled to sleep with the sounds of nature and be held in the refreshing mountain air. We are a two minute walk from a serene river which you can enjoy daily. You will be surrounded by exotic birds, butterflies and plant life.


Off the beaten path free from traffic, we are nestled in the mountain side next to a beautiful pond, we are blessed to be neighboring many gorgeous waterfalls, rivers and 30 minutes from Pacific beaches.

Energy Exchange

This is an investment for you health and wellbeing which is priceless. The retreat is available 9 months out of the year December- August. Curated to your specific needs. The investment depends on the offerings and the amount of days you choose. 


The base investment for 4 nights 5 days is $999

Includes private accommodation, all farm to table meals, daily yoga & meditation, one on one workshops, beach and waterfall outing, and bodywork!!


*Base rate does not include you flight or transportation, the payment transfer fee (covered by client), health insurance, other activities (lunch on play day is covered by client)


Unwavering Transformation

Become your own healer

Break patterns of dependence 

Compassionate communication with Self and others

Confidence & Clarity

Freedom & Spaciousness

Inner-standing Abundance

Release negative patterns and programming

Free up stagnate stuck energy

Receive your own capacity to LOVE

Reset your body, mind and spirit 

Heal your inner-child

Be rooted in your truth wherever you go

Belief in yourself to bring your dreams into reality and have the action steps to continue forward 

Not sure, questions?

If you are unclear about what you’d like to experience in your retreat let’s schedule 30 minute free Discovery Call or write me an email