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About Aluna

Aluna Living was created when I was beginning to awaken to deep inner knowing and universal lessons. This journey that I have been on has inspired me to share what I have learned through observing nature, practicing yoga, meditation, and studying herbalism and permaculture. All of these disciplines have led me to the path of being of service to others and Mother Earth. The origin of Aluna comes from the Teyuna Collective, a community of four indigenous tribes from Colombia. Aluna's meaning can be interpreted as; Mother, Divine Intelligence, Spirit. The name Aluna came to me before I knew anything of the Teyuna. The true meaning of this name was revealed in perfect synchronicity after connecting with the members from the Teyuna. I encourage everyone to watch the

Aluna Documentary to learn more about the Teyuna and the divine intelligence of Aluna which these indigenous people are attuned to on the deepest level. My business is an expression of Aluna and is meant to pay reverence and honor where Aluna was birthed, not claim as my own.


Wholeness & Honor,


"Aluna contains everything which is past and everything that may become. Aluna is intelligence; it is the concentrated thought and memory which forms a bridge between the human ‘spirit’ and the universe, but it is also the hidden world of forces which govern the world’s fertility. Aluna makes possible growth, birth and sexuality; it is the spiritual energy that makes things happen. If it did not, the world would be sterile. It would never have begun. Aluna was and is the Mother. The whole of Kogi life (Indigenous tribe from Colombia) returns again and again to this fundamental principle of reality, the life-force which is intelligent thought, which has personality and gives birth to personality, which shapes the world and makes it flower. Through concentrated thought and meditation, the Kogi enter the world of Aluna and act there. In the beginning there was only Aluna, the amniotic sea, the cosmic principle: the Mother. The Mother concentrated, the nothingness which was the original sea of thought, spirit and fertility pondered and conceived the idea of the world. It began with a womb, a world-house, which was a cosmos. This was the great egg of the universe". -Alan Ereira (Film-maker of Aluna)


Thank you for taking the time to read this. If you would like more discovery more about Aluna here is a link to the Aluna Documentary

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