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Happy Samhain!! (Witches' New Year)

On Sunday we had a New Moon in Scorpio and some of you joined me in circle to support each other on your journey in this moon cycle. There are many commonalities between the New Moon in Scorpio and Samhain. For those of you who don't know Samhain is the Witches' New Year. It's a holiday that originates from the Celtics. It means, "end of summer. It is a time to celebrate to honor the darker part of the year beginning. what was harvested, and also those who have passed. It was believed that by paying homage to loved ones who have passed they may help the living make it through the times where food maybe scarce, whatever wasn't harvested before Samhain was left for those had passed as an offering of goodwill.

During Samhain, beginning at sunset October 31st and sunset November 1st it was thought that the veil between the spirit world was more permeable. People would dress up so they wouldn't we recognized by evil spirits. They would leave offerings to their ancestors and lite candles so their spirit could be guided home.

Samhain is a time to connect to the darkness and it's aspects. Interesting that the Witches' New Year begins as we shift into darkness. The reason behind this is the idea that, all life comes from darkness, similar to the womb.

This thread is also celebrated at the new moon time. As you know during new moon time we are in darkness. The moon isn't visible to us. This dark time is opportunity to go within, into our depths. The sign Scorpio resonates with the themes around Samhain, it's an intuitive sign related to death, transformation, desires, and sexuality.

We tend to demonize the darker time of year instead of embracing it's qualities. It is a time to reflect, to slow down, plan for the coming year. We have the opportunity to align with the sign of Scorpio and ask, "what in your life has run its course?", "what are you willing to put to rest, to make space for what is coming?", "what in your life is ripe for transformation?"

Scorpio is also related to the essential element water, you could also contemplate, "what is essential to me?", "what is my soul longing for?" These are deep questions that require quiet, presence give yourself space to delve in the solace darkness offers. Perhaps making a ritual will help you in this reflection.

Ritual Making:

Ritual ingredients:

Candle, crystals, pictures of passed loved ones, herbal tea (chai tea blend (ginger, anise, allspice, cinnamon, cardamom, and black pepper is a favorite)

Sea shell, tarot cards, journal

1.Make an alter with candle in the middle, setting the crystals you want to use around it. Place pictures of loved ones around as well. If you have tarot cards place them around the candle. Feel free to add your own creativity to the alter. What inspires you, makes you feel safe and supported?

2. Light the candle and welcome the four directions, water, fire, air, earth, your ancestors, spirit guides, goddesses, or whoever else you'd like to support you through this ritual.

3. Pour a cup of your herbal tea and offer it your ancestors, thanking them for their wisdom, support and love. Take a moment here to be thankful for all the abundance you have in your life, food, friends, family, career whatever you are grateful for.

4. With a slight gaze at the candle or close the eyes, find your breath. Feel the cycle of inhalation and exhalation. Breath itself mirrors the cycle of life. The most essential need is oxygen but we can't utilize it until we release CO2. Teaching us that it be our most vital selves we must release what no longer serves us. Stay with the cycle of breath, let it be your anchor for a few minutes or as long as you like.

5. Let you awareness sink in your heart, bringing a hand to your heart. Notices what lives in the heart. Feel into your depths. Allow whatever is there to be. Ask your heart the deepest part of you, "what do I long for?" You can ask your guides or for support and discernment. Take your time here. Let go of judgements and expectations try to remain open.

6. When you're ready open your eyes and if you have tarot cards ask your tarot cards a question

Examples: "what am I longing for", "what do I need to release", "who should I call on for guidance during this time". Or you can simply place your hand over the cards and pick up the one you feel guided to. If you don't have cards ask the same questions and trust the eventually an answer or guidance will find you.

7. If you know what you need to release at this point you can write it down and then burn in the flame of your candle, using the shell to catch your ashes. If you have a smudge stick you can also burn this and smudge yourself to clear and bless your energy. (If you don't know what a smudge stick is or smudging is email me and I can offer information)

8. Let yourself re-center come back to your breath and your heart, asking," what is it that I longing for?" Imagine water pouring over your body, seeping into your depths, cleansing and nourishing you at the cellular level with whatever you are calling for. Take your time here. When you're ready, write down what your longing for. Pour yourself a cup of tea and imagine whatever your longing for is contained in the tea. As you drink your tea you are welcoming your longing to be fully activated within you.

9. To seal your ritual in find a seat take a deep breath in and a long sigh out. Inhale your arms over head bring hands together as you exhale bring your hands to your heart. Taking a moment here to bow to yourself, your past, present, future. If you'd like you can let out any sounds that you feel called to; howl, sigh, or OM.

May this bless up your darkness!!

With love & support,


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