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Connect to the Winter Solstice

First congratulations! You've made it through the cold short days of Winter so far and that my friends is not a small feat. Now we are starting to get to the home stretch of the holiday season. I would like to shed some light on the Winter Solstice a special day that can get lost in the bustle of the holidays. The Winter Solstice unlike the Summer Solstice is the darkest day of the year; shortest day, longest night. The good news is that after the 21st our days will be getting longer and nights shorter!! So why is the solstice significant? There are many reasons but the one that resonates to me is, it is the time of the year that we can honoring the shift from darkness into light. It is a time of the year we can honor both qualities. I've written in past blog posts about not necessarily deeming dark bad or light good. To begin you can reflect these questions;

What does darkness mean to you?

How can you benefit/honor darkness?

What does light mean to you?

How can you benefit/honor light?

What practices would support you transitioning from light to dark times?

What practices would support you transitioning from dark to light times?

The Winter Solstice is an energetically significant time to us because of the shift of dynamics, darkness to light. So it can be a very potent time to set intentions. They can be related to anything that resonates to you but some threads of inspiration could be around:

Getting clear on what you want to put your energy into, what lights you up, brings you joy? How can you nurture this passion?

What are your gifts and how can you express them?

How can you nourish your body in a way that would give you more energy, stamina to do all the things that are calling you?

Last thoughts, during this season we tend to overeat, and not move our bodies enough because its so COLD. Lets all do ourselves a favor and take the pressure off. We are doing our best and that is enough. If you are feelings stagnate and heavy look into practices that will nourish your liver, drinking dandelion tea, taking bitters before meals, and maybe pick up a yoga or dance class.

If picking up a yoga class strikes a cord please feel free to join me at Berkshire Yoga Dance & Fitness on Wednesdays at 6:45pm for Candlelight Yoga

Hope to see you soon, be well and Happy Holidays!!

If you are interested in joining a special Solstice event check out the link below:

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