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What Aluna Really Means

Almost three years ago I came up with Amanda Luna Living as a name for my Yoga & Wellness business. I was and still am inspired by the Moon and her phases. When choosing a website name I decided alunaliving made sense for practical purposes, not thinking much of it until a month ago. A colleague of mine, Michael Pergola shed light on the Teyuna, an indigenous tribe from the Sierra Nevada region in Colombia. This tribe has four different families one of them, the Kogi. They came out of their safe haven 40 years ago to share an important message with humanity. They wanted us to know that if we continue to behave as we are, the glaciers will continue melt, and natural disasters would increase. We would damage our relationship with Mother Earth beyond repair. Before that exposure they were untouched by western civilization for 1000 years because of their treacherous landscape. The Spanish conquerors even decided that they would leave them be, because of the challenging terrain.

The Teyunas are very unique because of their close relationship to Mother (Earth) as they call her. They have no written language, no use for money or the material world. They have a heightened awareness of Mother Earth, and means of listening and communicating with her that is much more advanced than most of the population could ever imagine. They have been noticing the damage that, the "younger brother" as they call us has created. Alarmed at the rate of destruction we were causing they reached out to Alan Ereira, a historian, filmmaker in the 1990s to make, The Heart of the World: Elder Brother Warning. We still didn't listen, so again in 2012 they summoned Alan to make a second film Aluna, this is his description of what Aluna really means,

"Aluna contains everything which is past and everything that may become. Aluna is intelligence; it is the concentrated thought and memory which forms a bridge between the human ‘spirit’ and the universe, but it is also the hidden world of forces which govern the world’s fertility. Aluna makes possible growth, birth and sexuality; it is the spiritual energy that makes things happen. If it did not, the world would be sterile. It would never have begun.

Aluna was and is the Mother. The whole of Kogi life returns again and again to this fundamental principle of reality, the life-force which is intelligent thought, which has personality and gives birth to personality, which shapes the world and makes it flower. Through concentrated thought and meditation, the Kogi enter the world of aluna and act there.

In the beginning there was only aluna, the amniotic sea, the cosmic principle: the Mother. The Mother concentrated, the nothingness which was the original sea of thought, spirit and fertility pondered and conceived the idea of the world. It began with a womb, a world-house, which was a cosmos. This was the great egg of the universe.

In aluna, she then conceived nine levels, nine worlds, within this womb. They were her daughters. Each world has its own character, its own colour, its own soil: her children had their own personalities. The mysteries of creation and fertility are to be understood as a process of aluna dividing, by an effort of concentration, into s