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Quadruple Goddess-What you've been missing..

Who are the Quadruple Goddesses Archetypes?

How can it change your relationship to your moon time?

Some of us are familiar with the triple goddess, maiden, mother, crone. However, through the evolution of modern medicine we have started to live longer. We have gained another notch in the belt of life so to speak. The other notch in the belt is the queen stage of life.

I came across the idea of the quadruple goddess when I was learning more about women’s moon time. I listened to a talk on the menstrual cycle archetypes.

on Insight timer by Aluna Moon.

This talk opened a whole world to me and all of the sudden the information I had been studying about the menstrual cycle and suddenly it all clicked. I started to weave this information together in a way that resonated with me.

The explanation of the quadruple goddess is one that takes time and presence. This blog is a taste of an integrated way to connect and embody the sacredness of your menstrual cycle and what an honor it is to be a woman.

Starting with the Crone she is related to menstruation. This the beginning of our cycle which is interesting because it also is connected to death and letting what no longer serves us go. The key words of the crone are receptivity, surrender, wisdom, and intuition. The Crone is the wise wild woman who is not afraid of the darkness. She encompasses all of the goddesses because she has lived through them all. Through these experiences she has gained deep insight into the spectrum of existence. She moves slowly and knows exactly who she is. The crone is connected to winter, the north, the element earth and the waning crescent/ new moon

The next archetype is the Maiden and is related to the follicular stage (post menstruation). The key words of the maiden are rebirth, renewal, curiosity, and ambition. She is full of life and wonder. It is important for this archetype to explore her curiosities and to explore her interests and desires. Through this process she discovers who she is and what is important to her. This is the time in your moon cycle to take steps towards your creative endeavors, make a plan and take steps towards your dreams. The maiden is also related to Spring, the east, the element air, and the waxing crescent/ gibbous/ first quarter.

The Mother comes next and is connected to your ovulation stage. The key words of the Mother are fertility, sensuality, confidence and balance. At this phase of your cycle you are at the pinnacle expression of who you are and may feel unstoppable. This is your time to shine, socialize and express the desire, project you were cultivating during your maiden phase. The mother is related to summer, the south, the element fire and the full moon.

The final archetype is the Queen; she is related to your luteal stage/ PMS. The key words for the queen are; intentional, regal, master delegator, confidence. This is the time in your moon cycle where you are slowing down, your hormones are dipping and you may feel this physically, emotionally, and mentally. At this phase it is a wonderful time to delegate, ask for more support and take less on. The queen is connected to the fall, the west, the element water and the waning gibbous/ waning Crescent.

Another layer of interest is to dive into the light and dark aspects of these archetypes, their purposes and how you can support their fullest expression. For example when you are in your bleeding phase, asking the crone, what it is that she needs.

Interestingly enough these archetypes are related to the cycles of the moon and the life cycle. Taking note of what moon phase you began bleeding can tell you which archetype(s) are calling for you to work with them. For example, currently I bleed during the waning crescent moon and the new moon. The archetypes that I get to work with are the Queen and Crone.

Many of us have grown up in a society where we have been taught to act more like machines rather than nature. This has brought on a huge amount of dissonance and DIS-ease because we are literally going against our cyclical nature. By reclaiming our cycles we take our back our power and the world around us starts to change because we have chosen to put our natural rhythms first instead of trying to fit into a box that has never fit. We can revolutionize our relationships, living hoods and find a deeper sense of purpose and fulfillment.

If want to learn more about how to Reclaim your Sacred Cycle

please contact me directly at:

amanda@alunaliving for free 30 min Sacred Cycle Discovery call


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