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How I got here

I fell in love with Yoga in college. Misguided and confused as most are, yoga was an outlet that made things feel less disjointed and more connected. Graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology, I learned more about the human psyche in one year of practicing yoga than 4 years in school. This realization was felt on a deep level but, I made the choice to give into societal pressure and went against my intuition. Shortly after found myself injured, unhappy and anxious with my career, and alone.

Sometimes its necessary to literally have your whole life flipped upside down. For me this was my ex cheating on me. I needed to have something drastic happen to wake up. This harsh awakening, gave me the chance to take a step back, and see how broken my life was. After one week of agony, I promptly quit my job, moved back home, and licked my wounds.

Moving back home was hard, both my parents were unwell, my friends were scattered, and I had no idea what I was going to do. I decided to waitress, choosing work where I could emotionally checkout. It was a humbling experience, my co-workers were either much younger or much older. Being around those who I thought had so much ahead of them, so many possibilities. Or the alter with those who’s time had passed, in my eyes at the time. I felt that I was somewhere in between, anxious that I would get caught between the two worlds.

Pain was my second wake up call. Distracted, or better yet obsessed with trying so hard to figure it all out. I was completely ignoring my body. At my previous job, I sustained a serious shoulder injury. Mix waitressing, doing a yoga training, and trail running, and create the perfect storm. Almost all of my major joints, knee, shoulder, and wrist were inflamed and being in chronic pain was my life. At this point I knew again another shift was nearing.

My 200 hr Hot Warrior Yoga training taught me many important lessons, but I am most grateful for learning the foundations of meditation. This practice of finding the breath, being witness, and releasing judgements was the healing that I was desperately seeking. I started to realize that my presence was that key to me healing my body, mind, and spirit. Life as I knew it has completely transformed since committing to this practice.

Meditation gave me the space to re-discover myself. It was not what I thought it would be when I started. I found my darkest secrets and my brightest potential. It made me realize that the dark and the light is what makes life so captivating. Without the pain, failure, and loss I would not be able to cherish all that I do on such a deep level. Nothing ever stays the same and for me diving into the cycles of life have supported my transformation.

Shortly after I began become intrigued by Moon cycles. It reinforced my belief that nothing is ever really stable. Life is so beautiful because it dances between birth and death. Connecting back to the cycles of the Moon taught me that is it ok to feel the spectrum of emotions. Repressing the negative is what gets us into trouble. Women should be celebrated for all of our aspects and depth. We are changeable beings, we don’t have to be “ON” and seemingly “happy” all the time.

The cycles of the moon offer us so many lessons and opportunities for intention setting and reflection. The new moon time being one rebirth, to slow down, reset, and move forward in the direction you’re called. The full moon offers a time to be grateful for what you’ve accomplished and notice what your efforts have created. Discovering the natural patterns that unfold before us somehow support us re-discovering our own intuition and inner guidance. The moon doesn’t ask anyone when it should wan or wax it simply listens to its own grace.

My mission is to offer tools to support your own grace and wisdom, to encourage you on your journey. You truly are the only person capable of changing or healing yourself. I cultivate my offerings with the intention of reminding you what you are part of and what is part of you. We are of the universe, made of what galaxies are. Don’t ever limit yourself to the mundane. You are of boundless potential it is your choice to support your own growth and development. I’m a merely here as a guide.

My heart,


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