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Stop & Smell the Roses

I hope all is well and you are enjoying the sunshine as I am. Summertime is here and we tend to want to fit as much in as possible. I find myself running from one project to the next. It's easy for us to miss out on the simple pleasures that life has to offer. We forget to check in with ourselves, make sure we are nourishing our bodies and making time to take care.

I wanted to offer some simple practices you can do daily to help you do just that.

  1. Before you check your phone or make a to do list take a moment to remember all the things you're grateful for. You can make this a ritual if you like and write these things down in the morning and at night. Sometimes you will have more or less than other time, that's okay.

  2. Make your morning routine sacred. Carve some extra time to enjoy your morning coffee or what have you. Think about what you'd like to welcome in during the day. Set an intention to accompany you through-out the day.

  3. Enjoy some gentle stretching everyday, warm up the spine, joints, and spend enough time will your sore bits. Don't curse the parts of your body that is hurting be kind and give them some extra attention and care!

  4. Make space for something you love to do. Whatever it is, commit to a time and space and do you. This is a personal gift to yourself to remind you that you are important and precious.

  5. Go outside, take a gentle walk at your favorite spot some of mine include; Pleasant Valley Sanctuary, Olivia's Overlook, Kripalu grounds etc. While your outside don't rush, be open to stop and connect to a plant that you notice, smell the flowers. If you so inspired buy a few plants to tend to out your house.

  6. Commit to connect back to yourself; do this by meditating, journaling, or being creative. Tips: if meditating, start off slow. Begin with following your breath. Thoughts WILL come up and that is OK. The point is not to stop your thoughts but to build up your attention and bring it back to the present moment, be with your breath. You can take note of what the distractions are but let them go, don't analyze them as your meditating, save that for when you journal. If you choose to journal one of the most important things you can do is to be HONEST. It will most beneficial you if you don't filter. If you are worried about someone finding it make sure you put it in a very good hiding place. If you choose to connect back by being creative get the supplies that you need to do this. Set yourself up for success with all the supplies and the time that is necessary.

  7. Make sure that your are staying hydrated. Remember if you you drink one cup of coffee you need to drink 2 cups of coffee just to balance. Ways to help you drink more water; add lemon or sprigs of peppermint, lavender, rosemary. Add berries to infuse flavor.

  8. Take advantage of the Farmer's Market here is a link

  9. Wear a hat, put on sunscreen, check for ticks

  10. Take a break from your favorite show. Use this time to read your favorite book, take a bath, play board games, work on the creative project you keep putting off.

  11. Randomly treat yourself, you don't necessarily have to do some amazing to get some recognition, sometimes just being you is enough. 😊😍💜

Sending love & support,


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