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Super Blood Moon & Total Lunar Eclipse in Leo

Hope you got to take in the Super Blood Moon & Total Lunar Eclipse in Leo. This is a time of completion, release, and rebirth. It is called a Super Blood Moon because the moon is the closest to the Earth, and total lunar eclipse. These factors are make the energy surrounding us extremely potent. To make sense of this energy be aware that this cycle of eclipses started in 2017. The eclipses since then have been in a mix of Leo and Aquarius energy.

Aquarius being related to communication, group minded ventures, the mind, and how we think. Leo related to passion, joy, love, the individual. The focus of these eclipses have been on balancing the energies of these opposite signs. Balancing the collective with the individual, communicating in heart centered way, releasing the ego are just a few examples.

It maybe be helpful for you to consider what you were working on or going through during 2017. Where were you having challenges? How were you reacting? This is the last eclipse in the eclipse cycle that started in 2017. You could think of this time as the accumulation of lessons you have learned since then. Take time to reflect on how much you have grown! It's possible that themes of what you were working on will come up during this time. Try to not let past habits die hard, continue to practice what you've been working so hard on.

Allow yourself to celebrate your small and big victories. There are parts of life that can be worked on always, but taking time to note how you've progressed can be really healing and motivating. There will always be space for improvement being authentic and honest with yourself on how you want to continue to grow is very important.

Eclipses tend to be related to rebirth and releasing. Letting go makes space for your present self to be fully expressed. I love the idea of using each day as an opportunity to be redefined. Let each day be like a clean canvas, asking yourself, what do you want to evoke, create, and feel?

As exciting as this energy is be aware that it can also be unstable and intense. It could lead you to feel more argumentative, hot-headed. If you feeling the harshness of this energy it's okay, just remember to take a breath before you react. Take extra time responding to difficult situations. Moving from a place a deep love and joy. Remembering the positive, creative, passion-filled, playful aspects of Leo, and releasing the more dramatic, egotistical characteristics.

Eclipse energy supports connecting to higher realms. If you work with spirit guides, angels, or any divine beings this could be a great time to ask for guidance. Let yourself play with the energy, acknowledging that it maybe challenging. Also being aware that what makes us uncomfortable forces us to grow. Listen, trust, and be gentle with yourself. You are enough, you have everything you need within.

Sending healing light & unconditional support ,


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