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Luna Living: Reclaim Your Cycle

May 7, 2020


What is Cyclical Living or Luna Living as I like to call it? Luna Living is a way of aligning your body, intentions, routines, rituals, thoughts, and actions in a way that is harmonious with the cycles of natural world, the Moon (Luna), and your body.


This way of living is not something new, our ancestors followed the Cosmos for guidance about when to plant their crops, when to harvest, and even what professions would best suit members of their tribe depending on the astrological placement at the time of both conception and birth.


The cycles of the Moon also synchronizes with women's menstruation cycle, especially when women follow the natural rhythms of day and night. Women's Moon time used to be acknowledged, respected and held sacred. Indigenous women would go with other women in their tribe to a Moon Lodge, a sacred space away from the rest of their tribe. It was there that they were, free of taking care of others and responsibility for, their children, cooking, harvesting, and other tasks. Other members of the tribe would prepare them food. Allowing the women to have space to reflect, meditate, rest and fully the process this sacred experience.


During this time it was believed that women received great wisdom and understanding. These messages were received during meditation and dreaming time. Their blood was viewed as a sacred material and could be used as an offering to Mother Earth for all that she supplies. The women would then come back to their tribes rested and would then counsel their tribe members offering them the messages they received from Mother Earth.


This act of retreating during this time, slowing down, going within has been lost for many women. This has brought a deep disorder into families, communities, and societies as a whole. Giving an opportunity to other members of the community besides the women to be develop their divine feminine essence could swing a balance back into many of these incongruent interrelated dynamics.


Unfortunately our modern societies have completely twisted this sacred rite into something dirty, and impure. We use tampons and pads that are full of synthetic chemicals which we take in internally through one of the most absorbent parts of our bodies. Periods were made into something of shame and disempowerment, the opposite if what our menstrual cycle is! We have been programmed this way to take our power as women away. There has been a resurgence of women connecting back to their cycle, especially with books like, The Red Tent by Anita Diamant, Women's Bodies Women's Wisdom by Dr. Northrop, A Time to Celebrate by Joan Morais, and Honoring Mensuration; A Time for Self-Renewal by Lara Owen.


I believe with the big shifts happening in the world we live that there will be a resurgence of people going back to the nature and rediscovering the divine order. The way our indigenous brothers and sisters lived. They used nature as their ultimate teacher. Perhaps curiosity will stoke a flame that will lead us back to ourselves and our innate connection to the Earth.


Whether you are in your child bearing phase or not we all go through cycles. Everyday is a reminder of this. We feel those peaks and valleys during our day. When we put our bodies in a natural environment they align with phases of the sun and the moon. The moon reflects the sun as well and communicates with the natural world, influencing water, births, plant life, animals, the weather, and more.


The luminous light of the moon teaches about how to reflect, intend, release, and create. At the different phases there are opportunities to dive into these aspects and continually question if it is aligned with what you are striving to embody, express, and create. By bringing intentional rituals and reverence into these times you can fuel a deep balance and trust in the rhythm of your life.


How does the Moon cycle mirror women's menstruation cycle? The New Moon can be thought of a time of darkness, the unknown, winter, this time is also associated with the time you are bleeding. The first day you begin to bleed is when your cycle begins, usually you'll stop bleeding around your 6th day. You may feel like you want to alone, hormones are at their lowest point. Which leads to the shedding of your uterine lining. This is a time of retreating, reflection.


No matter what stage you are in your womanhood its a time t